December’s Minimalist Curriculum

Good Morning. Did everyone survive Black Friday? We stayed home in our pj’s and bought a few things online. I bought needed items like clothing that was on sale, boots for myself and Chloe, and a few Christmas gifts.

It’s already time to post December’s Minimalist Curriculum. I’ll admit November did not go well. Chloe had a very tough month, but she did all she was able to do. I no longer feel guilt over it. That is the most important lesson I have learned as a homeschool mom. So in December I want most of our focus to be on the birth of Jesus and enjoying all the activities Chloe is able to handle. We only have homeschool until the 20th, but we still do lots of crafts and activities up until Christmas. 

Here is Week 1 our curriculum for December 2019:

December 2-6


*Homemade Money Game: I wrote out change amounts on index cards and I lay out real coins for Chloe to count to match each card.

*Addition and Subtraction Flashcards with wooden numbers to answer with. Another day I lay out Christmas erasers for her to add and subtract with.

*Telling time practice: I draw a clock on our dry erase board. She has cards in front of her with times on them. She chooses the one that matches the clock.

Cooking Activity: Santa Cookies (Pinterest)

You need: Graham Crackers, vanilla frosting and food coloring(red), M&M’s and mini marshmellows



*Review Phonics Blend Cards–Make blend words with letter magnets on the board

*Practice spelling blend words by writing them on the dry erase board or MagnaDoodle

Independent Reading for 20 minutes

Read Aloud with Mom: Bible/Luke 1 vs 5 -25 The birth of John the Baptist foretold

Read The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth with Mom 

We will also read assorted Winter and Christmas books throughout the day


*Chloe is still enjoying the Scholastic Handwriting Practice book so we will continue with it. She will complete it within the next 2 weeks.

* We will be making and writing out Christmas cards for family and friends

Social Studies

*Book: Walk This World at Christmas Time by Debbie Powell

We will read about how other countries celebrate Christmas



Book: Curious About Snow by Gina Shaw

We will read about where snow comes from

**Snow Slime:  1/2 cup Elmers glue, 3 cups of shaving cream—Mix those 2 together—Add in 1/2 tsp of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of Saline solution. You can add glitter or anything you like.



* This month’s History lesson will be the book of Luke in the Bible. We will learn about the birth of Jesus. So each week we will learn each section leading up to the birth of Jesus.



Bird Feeder: Pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed or oats. Roll the pinecone in peanut butter and then in birdseed or oats. Tie yarn or string around it and hang it in a tree outside.

Paper Plate Wreath: Paper plate-cut out the center circle and then tear or cut pieces of green paper to glue on. Works on fine motor skills too.

Countdown to Christmas chain: Chloe and I make this every year. It helps her visually see how long she has until Christmas Eve.

Popstick Snowman ornaments (Pinterest) You need Popsticks (bigger ones), white paint, liquid glue, cutouts for hat and scarf, pom poms and googly eyes.

Gingerbread House: We do one every year. I thought we would do it along with our Gingerbread Man story.


So that is Week 1. I will post Week 2 before Friday.


Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.







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