I Just Cried😢


Thanksgiving was tough!!

Wednesday night Chloe woke up at 1:00 am and was mad!! Why, I don’t know. I finally had to give her something to make her sleep at 4 am.

We both got up at 8:00 am. I was exhausted and she was so fussy. She threw fits for hours. I’m trying to make a small Thanksgiving meal and she is screaming.  I just cried😢

Long story short….it continued all day. She is usually ok on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Not sure what happened yesterday. I had planned on posting pictures of her helping me cook with smiles gleaming.  Sorry didn’t happen.

So today is Black Friday and the Christmas season officially begins. Now on to figuring out what in the world to get Miss Chloe for Christmas. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  I’m taking a break until Monday. This Mom is so exhausted.

Welcome to my new followers 😊

7 thoughts on “I Just Cried😢”

  1. I’m so sorry 😥 I’ve heard that’s normal with the sleep issues at random times, it could have even been just a bad dream and put her in a certain mood possibly (?). But I’m sure it was especially hard to deal with it on something you wanted to be happy (for her, too!) so badly!


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  2. i’m so sorry. this is one of the reasons i hate holidays so much. my Aspie-Girl is much better, but i still keep it extremely low key.

    earlier in the day her sister was washing dishes and she was drying and putting away (our dishwasher is broken), so i thought i’d switch that after dinner. but she didn’t handle it well and was intense and her engine was super high. i finally stepped in and turned off the water, moved her out, and had them switch roles. she went outside to walk and was able to dry and put away without breaking anything.

    she’s always felt every emotion i have … like, she *assumes* every emotion around her, especially mine. so if i have any anxiety at all over anything, she assumes it. holidays are stressful for me, so i’ve had to cut them down to the extreme minimum. some years i’ve even picked a different day to ‘celebrate.’ for some reason that just takes all the pressure off.

    i’m so sorry … once their ‘engine’ gets that high, it’s so hard to bring it back to zero and start over.

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      1. yes, i do.

        i stopped having expectations of anything. i stopped verbally planning things so that my other daughter didn’t have expectations of things i could not force to happen.

        i learned to just go with the flow. when she had bad days, i’d scrap all plans and try again another time … or ditch them all-together.

        i intentionally spent time one-on-one with her neurotypical sister in ways that made her feel special.

        if all we could do was … idk … draw and color one picture about the holiday and put it on the wall, then we celebrated that one picture (just an example).

        there’s a LOT of grieving in there, too … for what didn’t happen … for what will never be … for the idyllic dreams of getting to bake together with your daughter growing up. it’s okay to grieve these things. but then find a way to search for the tiniest nuggets of joy in what you do have. it’s super hard, but it becomes a lifeline of sorts.

        it’s still very hard when friends post pics on fb and other places of them doing these wonderful things with their daughters, having all these great plans AND being able to carry them out. sigh. i have to shut those out and focus on the tiny nuggets of joy in our own lives.

        it is extremely rare, though, that i plan anything for anything. those plans just never work out, and they set me up for great sorrow and sadness and depression.


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