How We Celebrate Thanksgiving

Good morning😊

I typically host Thanksgiving each year. I am always stressed out about it. Why? Because I put to much pressure on myself to make everything perfect. I make most of the food and some of the family bring sides, drinks and desserts. My Dad makes the best hashbrown casserole. Yum😋

Since we live 1 1/2 hours away from everyone right now, they have travel to us. Chloe watches out the front door for everyone to arrive. She is excited, but anxious,  as they are interrupting her normal daily routine.  I always have the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade going as I cook. Everyone arrives, we eat and visit. I always have help cleaning up, if I let people help. Yep…total control freak here. Lol. I guess I just want everyone,  except me, to relax.

After everyone goes home Chloe has to have quiet time to recover from all the family talking, hugging her and well all the smells of food that overwhelm her. Later we 3 sit on the couch and watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Chloe loves Snoopy and laughs so much at him. We get baths, showers and then Miss Chloe goes to bed. Brett and I then watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We eat more food until we are miserable 😛

This year things will be a bit different.  It only be the 3 of us, as my family members either have to work or have other obligations. It will be strange not having a house full, but we will carry on with our traditions

I will have on the parade while I cook a smaller meal. Chloe is going to help me this year😀 I will call or Skype with family throughout the day. We will eat until we are stuffed. We will still watch Charlie Brown and Clark Griswold. How did Clark cut that tree down without a saw 🤷‍♀️??? We will be preparing to Black Friday shop online. We do not get out in the mess.

So even though it will be different we will still be Thankful for the day together.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

4 thoughts on “How We Celebrate Thanksgiving”

  1. This is the first Thanksgiving away from my children and grandkids. I’m totally lost not preparing a meal for us all, but I too will cut my cooking down to just the 2 of us. I’ll be thinking of my family together in Kentucky celebrating the holiday without us. Bless everybody.

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