Pizza Movie Night

Chloe and I love our Pizza Movie Nights!


We use to have a specific night of the week we had these, but lately she asks for them  2 to 3 times a week. I suspect it is because she is stuck to me right now and doesn’t want to go to bed. Her anxiety has been so bad lately I let her have them whenever she wants them. We don’t always have pizza though. That is for special movie nights, like this past Sunday. 

Chloe had a pretty rough weekend with very little sleep. She started licking her lips again and developed a new tic. I am thankful this tic isn’t inappropriate like her other one. I am still trying to redirect that one. I know she needs to stim, but the inappropriate one is becoming a huge issue. I am being patient and doing what I can.

I went to Aldi Sunday and bought groceries and their delicious boxed pizzas. When I got home Chloe was sitting at the table playing in her bin of beans. She looked right at me and said “Pizza Movie Night Mom”?? I was like “Sure”! I spread a blanket on the floor, turned on the movie Arthur’s Christmas and we had a fun time with our pizza and movie. She fell asleep pretty quick after the movie.

I try to plan fun activities for Chloe and I to do together, especially this time of year. It is so hard to take her in public right now, because I can’t get her to control her “inappropriate” stim. People stare and make comments. She and I don’t need that. So I have been collecting craft items and planning other fun Christmas themed activities for us to do at home. We were going to go to a Christmas parade this week, but it is suppose to rain. We will have to wait to see if the weather changes before Saturday. She loves parades…..because they throw candy!! LOL

I am just hoping and praying Chloe will be able to calm the anxiety she is feeling right now. I feel so helpless most days. I know once we begin therapy she will improve. The therapist we are waiting for (Chloe is next on her list) is amazing!! Autism is her specialty and Chloe loves her. 

So I continue to take life day by day and sometimes hour by hour. I always tell Chloe I am proud of her and we will make it. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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