How Do I Schedule The Weekend?

Ah the weekend. A time for doing nothing but relaxing. Not if you are an Autism Mom!

I have to say I do not enjoy a heavily scheduled weekend. I mean its ok to go out to eat or visit family, but not going all the time. Now that the flipbook schedule has overtaken my life I have to keep it going on the weekend. It is what works for Chloe and I have to stay with it. What does that mean for our weekend? This is the first one, so I have decided to experiment a little.

I gave her more choices when it came to activites. I wrote 2 choices on each card. it gave her more control. I put in more playtime in short spurts. Why short spurts? Because Chloe will start to zone out after awhile. Its harder to pull her back in if I let her be on her own to long. Her playtime spurts give me a mini break as well. 

Saturday was filled with cooking activites. I typically make breakfast foods for the next week. I had her help me a lot with mixing up ingredients. Then I made her some Cloud Dough (Flour and baby oil) to play in. She absolutely loves this stuff. You can add essential oils to it as well. It keeps her busy for the longest time. Saturday’s activites are more play and sensory oriented.

Today I am hopng to get her outside quite a bit. It has rained the past 3 days. The longer she is inside the grumpier she gets. We are also putting up our Christmas tree today. I am planning to play some games with her and do a few fun crafts. There is lots of playtime in there too. 

It has been so wonderful seeing Chloe happy and so much calmer during the day. Alll I can hope is the flipbook continues to work for her. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful day

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