Keeping My Minimalist Homeschool Minimal

Happy Saturday!


Keeping my homeschool minimal is a challenge since implementing this flipbook schedule. I have to provide lots of activities to fill Chloe’s day. I am trying to do this without being over run with supplies.

I have a box of craft supplies and other activities that I keep in the closet. My goal is everything needs to fit in that box. So far so good. Last night I went to the Dollar Tree to replenish a few items and they all fit, so that made me happy.

This time of year Chloe gets more into crafts. I picked up a ceramic snowman for her to paint at the Dollar Tree last night. I did see that Hobby Lobby has some $2 and under crafts she can make. I know it doesn’t seem very minimalist to buy these things, but she enjoys them and usually passes them on to family members for Christmas. I love seeing her enjoy making things to give others.

I really despise wasting a lot of paper. I have bought Chloe coloring books in the past, but she wouldn’t color them. I think she sees them as books to look at. She prefers color sheets printed off. I am printing off so many, just to throw them away later. Ugh!! I know coloring books get tossed, but I know I throw away way more printed sheets than what is in a basic coloring book. Another thing to figure out. 

I like for Chloe to do a lot of fine motor activites. I have one small container of beads for her. I decided to color some ziti noodles for her to string as well. She loves them! I made her green ones for December. I use paper plates and clothespins to make math and phonics games. I will post pictures of these soon. I am putting together more this weekend.

I am currently trying to finish December’s curriculum. It will be a bit different than Novembers. It will include sensory and fine motor activities, as well as learning activities. We take off the 20th through the 29th for Christmas break, so there will only be 3 weeks of curriculum in December. I decided to post it week to week this time. I feel more organized that way. The week of Christmas we focus on the birth of Jesus and being with family. Oh and lots of cooking goodies. I will post some that week, but not sure how much.

I hope you have a wonderful day

3 thoughts on “Keeping My Minimalist Homeschool Minimal”

  1. I have a hard time with the paper thing too. My kids go through SO MUCH PAPER – especially coloring paper. Even though we do buy coloring books, they are still tearing out the pages and only coloring one side, etc, so I think using whatever works best for Chloe is most important. Keep up the great work!

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