2 Sleepless Nights😴

Good Morning

Chloe has had good days, but her nights, at least the last 2 nights, have been terrible!!

She has woken up demanding one thing after another. Both nights she was up 4 or more hours. If she is up talking or even singing I can deal with that, but the yelling and demanding…NOPE!

I feel like collapsing on the couch, but I have to push on with the flip book schedule.  I worked on a few new activities last night to fill in the gaps. I love making activities for her. I saw a bunch of crafts for $2 and under at Hobby Lobby online yesterday. I may get a few of those for her to make. 

I went into the Dollar Tree to replenish a few supplies, but they were out of a lot and had towers of boxes blocking things. So I got what I could. I did get her a ceramic snowman to paint. She loves these😍 

Typically Friday is a more open day, but I’m afraid to lighten up on her schedule to much. I don’t want her to slip back into bad behavior.  I just hope she will sleep tonight. She needs it and we need it😔

I hope all of you have a great day! Welcome to my new followers 😊

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