Flip Schedule On The Go!

aerial photo of asphalt road

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday

Yesterday Chloe and I traveled to visit my parents and her older sister Mattie. I was curious if her flip schedule would work on the road and at their house. There was only one way to find out.

I sat down the night before and made up cards of things she likes to do there. She has a bit of a routine. She goes to the front porch swing for awhile and then the back porch rocking chair. She goes downstairs and plays for a bit after that. I wanted to work those things into her schedule. I added reading books on the couch, coloring pictures to give to her Nana, Papaw and sister and playing with the dogs.

It went so well!! I was very proud of Chloe’s behavior. I was actually able to relax and talk to everyone instead of chasing after her and telling her a million times to calm down. I actually wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day. I really hope she will stick with this schedule for good, or at least a long time.

This morning she woke up before 7 am and took about 45 minutes to begin her schedule. Thats ok….I don’t push her into it unless she is acting out. She is sitting here now eating breakfast and I am enjoying my coffee. I already went over her schedule book with her this morning, which helps her know how her day will go.

The one thing that went very well with her schedule is that when we go home she always wants a Happy Meal in the next town up the highway. I’m trying to get her to wait until we get home to eat. Weaning out these unhealthy meals. I put a card in her book saying No Happy Meal and she was like “OK”. She did ask a few times, but ate the snacks in her backpack instead. SCORE!! Loving this schedule.

I hope all of you are having a good week.

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