A Much Better Day

Good Morning

Yesterday (Monday) was a wonderful day! 

I decided to make Chloe a new flip book schedule. I was nervous that it would work. They haven’t lasted long in the past, but I needed to try again. She was actually excited to see it. She threw a 1 hour screaming fit last night because she lost movie time. She refused to come out of her Dad’s office and ran out of time. It was rough!! So I worked on the book after she went to sleep.


I had to keep her constantly busy or she would trail off.  I had short, hands on activities for her to do. Stringing noodles, puzzles, kinetic sand and flarp. After lunch I brought in more academics. We sat on the couch and practiced addition and subtraction. She made her uncle a card and then worked on writing. We went outside for about an hour and then came in to make pumpkin muffins. Chloe ran off to the bathroom to sing in the mirror. She needed some “Chloe Time”. I let her do it for a bit and then reeled her back in for table activities. 

Her table activites were cutting strips for cutting practice and she made a turkey for her Nana and Papaw. She got a bit lazy on the turkey, so I helped her cut out a few pieces, but she cut out several and colored them. She was excited that she is going to give it to her Nana and Papaw this week.

She was pretty hyper by 3:00, so I had to throw in board games to calm her down. I really was proud of her today. I hope this continues. It is a lot of work, but it is better than her screaming and being so upset. I just have to figure out when to get my downtime in. I am pretty much going all day long, but I guess if I was working thats what I would be doing. 

Welcome to my new followers. I hope all of you have a great day.


9 thoughts on “A Much Better Day”

  1. I need to send you a link to one of my favorite people in the world who has raised a daughter with autism. She has years of experience and even though I’m sure it’s different, each child is so different, maybe she’d be helpful in some way to you!

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  2. i love the flip book idea … that looks like a sleeve photo album?

    my daughter is asperger’s/autism. she’s 19, almost 20. i can relate to so much of what you write 🙂

    sleep has always, always been such a huge issue. i just learned this week (you probably already know this) that 80% of autists have some form of disordered sleep or sleep disorder. i was shocked and also a bit relieved … i had no idea it was her autism. i keep hoping we’ll get her sleep balanced, but so far we haven’t … but, she can sometimes force-balance it herself if she’s motivated enough, so i have hope 🙂

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      1. she takes melatonin and two other natural sleep combination things.

        we’ve tried so.many.things over the years.

        our nutritionist told us recently that you should take 2 nights off of melatonin every week or your body will stop producing it (eeek on both things!) idk if she’s taking two days off of it or not. i try not to micromanage that anymore b/c, well … choosing battles.

        it’s getting to sleep that’s so hard for her. once she’s asleep, she usually stays asleep. well, not always. she usually stays asleep unless she needs to use the bathroom … or she hears a noise in the house … or she gets sick. then she has a hard time getting back to sleep. but when she’s in deep sleep, she can’t be woken up easily at all. when she was younger she would sleep 12 hours once she got to sleep, which made public school extremely challenging.


  3. i like the photo album, flip schedule.

    anything that takes the focus off the adult seems to help. i allow her to keep her phone all the time – she listens to music a lot among other things. but one thing she also uses a lot is the timer app. if i want her to do something, i’ll have her set a timer for it. for some reason that works better as she doesn’t react negatively to the timer.

    we’ve tried lots and lots of schedule ideas over the years, too. i’m trying to get her to create her own schedule, but she hasn’t got there yet.


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