Hoping For A Better Week


Good Morning 😊

Chloe is still struggling with sensory issues and behavior issues. I’m still in the dark as to what is causing this. Yesterday she was yelling a lot and being super defiant. It is, as you can imagine, wearing me down emotionally and mentally.

I have tried giving her sensory input and giving her choices of activities during the day. She doesn’t do anything but fuss and walk around. Last night she sat in her Daddy’s office, in the dark, for over an hour. I tried to get her to have a movie night, but she wouldn’t come out of the office.

I am concerned that she is not playing at all or reading her books. She loves books!! I am going to try to get her to work on school this week. I feel very lost and alone during these times. I just want her therapy to start.

Chloe is very stuck to me and demands that I do everything for her. If I try to make her do things for herself she screams. She is also wanting me to repeat her scripting after her🙄. If I don’t she keeps saying it until i do. I stood my ground for 30 minutes yesterday.

So there hasn’t been any improvement really.  I feel like she’s regressed to a toddler. Its tough😢

I hope all of you have a wonderful day🙂

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