What Is Going On??


Good Morning 🙂

Since last Tuesday Chloe’s anxiety has been high. How do I know? Chloe shows several signs that let’s me know she is feeling anxiety.

She has crying spells. Not wailing, but pitiful crying that breaks your heart. She scripts the same phrase over and over. Her tics pick up and she has new ones added on. She licks her lips raw and rolls her eyes a lot.  She dazes out more and asks for TV more often. I still regulate her TV by spreading it out. She throws more tantrums and occasionally hits me. She NEVER hits me! She doesn’t hit me hard, but the act of it breaks my heart. She actually hugs me after😢

So what do I do during these episodes? It is so hard not having therapy right now. I just try to provide extra sensory input for her. During these times she presses against me and squeezes my arms, letting me know she needs input. I play soft music throughout the day. I have her take deep breaths. I make sure she gets outside. Yesterday we went outside and she dazed out and started ticking so bad!! I tried to get her to go in the house, there were a lot of people outside staring, but she refused and started hitting me.

I try my best to get her to communicate what is wrong, but she can’t. How do I help her if she can’t tell me what is wrong? I just feel helpless☹

So I comfort her the best I can until she feels better. I do not force school on her. I really hope this is over soon. I am thankful she is sleeping.  She has only gotten up one night so far. It is one of the worst feelings when you can’t help your child. I know I help by loving her and doing what I can to comfort her. I just HATE this part of Autism. To know she is so upset inside, but can’t tell me why.

How do you help your child with anxiety?

5 thoughts on “What Is Going On??”

  1. Please allow her to tic. This relieves her stress and anxiety. Who cares who sees her tic!? Allow her to be her and the public will have to accept that because she is autistic. When my son was younger my Mom would try to get him to behave like a non disabled person. This is unrealistic and will only increase the autistic’s anxiety. When I shop with my son his tics (slapping his leg) increases but at the same time it this relieves his anxiety. No two autistics are alike and as the main caregiver you will discover what works best. A idea.. artwork. Caleb loves artwork and it relaxed him. Crayons, coloring books, markers, paint or even chalk. Prayers to you and a huge 🤗. You can do this! ❤️


      1. I’m not a Doctor just thinking of past experience (Caleb is 28 now). When he entered pre puberty that was the most stressful time. During that time I agreed to medication therapy for him. Took nearly two years to get medication and dosage correct. Thankfully, puberty was smooth sailing as far as behavior was concerned. Every child is so different and a female would also be different. You can always ask her Doctor. Just thinking maybe hormonal changes. I still use the reward system with Caleb and that helps address a variety of behaviors. Hope you find what works for you. 🙂

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