Saving Money On Utilities During Winter

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Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

If you pay for electric and gas, like we do, winter months can get costly. I wanted to share ways you can save money during the upcoming cold weather.

One thing I do is keep the thermostat as low and we can bear it. Chloe and I don’t get cold very easily. I go by what everyone is feeling, but I don’t like it to be set above 69 degrees. If it gets below zero outside I will raise it, of course. It rarely gets that cold here.

We also use heavy black out curtains. These block the cold air from coming in. We have even put plastic on old windows in the past to keep drafts out. Caulk or seal windows as well. You can also place a rolled up towel or blanket at the bottom of your front and back doors. When the sun is facing your house, open up the curtains and let the sun heat your home. Do the opposite when its shaded.

black socket on white switch besides white socket converter Plug up outlets in the walls that are not being used. You wouldn’t believe the cold air that blows through them. I just discovered this a few years back. I use those plastic outlet protectors to block the air.

Wear layers of clothing to stay warm. That is one of my favorite things about winter. I love layering my clothes and wearing cardigan sweaters. So cozy. Chloe is not a fan of layering clothes, so I make sure she wears long sleeve tops. Grab a blanket if your cold. Chloe loves blankets and snuggles with me often during the day with them.

When you are using the oven to cook, make multiple items to keep from using it day after day. If I am making dinner in the oven I might whip up a banana bread or muffins to put in there after. Bulk cooking is always a good idea. I love my crockpot and its a great way to save on electric year around.

If you have ceiling fans remember to reverse the direction of them in the winter. This keeps the heat at floor level and it won’t rise to the ceiling. If I get hot I will turn it the other way to cool down. Oh the late 40’s are fun. LOL

You know you can still hang up laundry in the winter. I hang up our clothes on a big metal drying rack. My and Chloe’s clothing gets hung up to prevent shrinking. I do dry jeans and towels.

If you have a fireplace, use it. especially if you have a smaller home. It may save you quite a bit of money. We have one in our current rental, but we don’t use it for safety reasons.

So there are some ways to save on your utility bill this winter. Do you have specific ways you save? Share below in the comments.

Have a wonderful day


3 thoughts on “Saving Money On Utilities During Winter”

  1. These are all great ideas! Changing old lightbulbs to LED saves a lot of money on electricity in the long run. When I had horses I ran their fences with a simple solar system I made, instead of hooking it up to our electricity. Have a fabulous weekend!

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