She Needed A Sensory Day💜

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Yesterday Chloe’s anxiety increased and she started licking her lips. I tried to keep everything calm for her.  I didn’t even mention homeschool to her.

By lunchtime she was wanting to eat nonstop and wanted a lot of sensory input. I went to her room and pulled out her sensory bucket. I laid a blanket on the living room floor and sat down with her and the bucket. We pulled everything out and played. When I rolled the purple spikey massager on her back she loved it! I continued using it on her back, arms and legs for 40 minutes. She needed it and it calmed her. Then I used her vibrating toys on her face, tummy and she put them on her head. Chloe was also pressing into me a lot as well. She had some crunchy apple slices for snack, which satisfied her wanting to constantly eat.

It was definitely a sensory day in this house. If you don’t have a bin of sensory items you should make one. I get 99 % of the items at the Dollar Tree.

I knew her sensory needs outweighed her needing to do school today. That is one benefit of homeschooling. I’m thankful I am able to do it.

Have a good day😊

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