She’s Having A Hard Week😢

Good morning

Chloe is having a very tough week. A few days ago her vocal tics revved up. She is repeating words over and over while pacing. She is also licking her lips nonstop. This is a huge red flag with her☹

The hardest part of this is I don’t know what is wrong. I try to communicate with her about it, but she can’t tell me what’s going on. I try to watch her to get clues, but so far I don’t see her in pain or anything else that would tell me why she’s anxious.

The last few days have been emotionally draining. I feel lost and that is not a good feeling to have as a mom. She is next on the waiting list for therapy,  but we still don’t know when she will begin.

School has not happened since Monday. She isn’t able to handle it right now. We are just taking life an hour at a time right now.

So that’s what is going on this week. I hope your week is going well.


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