Autism and Exercise


Happy Wednesday 😊

Chloe has always been very active. She loves to jump all the time!! I have always let her do all the movement she needs, unless she is being dangerous.

Exercise is very important for children, especially those with Autism. Chloe’s toe walking keeps her legs very stiff. She use to do stretches with me, but fights me now. She has a therapy swing that she uses every time we are outside. She also has a pilates ball she bounces and rolls on inside.

I have been walking in our long yard to get exercise while Chloe plays. I try to get her to walk a round or two with me. She usually walks one and then has to rest. Her legs tire easily. Today she walked 8 rounds, spaced out  with me. I was so proud of her😀

She has always wanted a bike, but if she took off and didn’t know to stop, I couldn’t catch her. I want her to have one, but it just scares me a bit. I still have my older daughter’s bike, at my parents house. It is still in excellent shape. Just needs tires and training wheels for Chloe to start with. I think if she could stay in control it would be a great way to exercise her legs and have fun! She just asked me if she could have a bike for her birthday.

I have noticed her trying to skip and run more. It’s tough on her legs, but I’m proud that she tries. Hopefully we can start physical therapy soon to help with her toe walking.

I hope you are having a great day🙂


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