I Have To Get Back On Track

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

I love being frugal. It gives me great joy to save money. Lately I have really gotten off track. I have been working on replenishing my and Chloe’s clothing for Fall and Winter. I usually buy as much as possible at thrift stores. I actually found a few things cheaper than the thrift store new on Amazon and Walmart.com.

My husband has been blessed with a bit of overtime lately and has been really going after our debt. He encourages me to buy what we need and even a few wants. The wants are what I have trouble with. I get super stressed, which may seem silly to some of you. As I try to live with less I cringe at buying things that I feel are unnecessary. Yesterday I bought 2 books off Amazon. I do not get to go to the library, since Chloe is struggling with outings right now. I did buy one used and the other one was 60% off. I know I shouldn’t feel horrible. I usually pass on or sell books after I have had them and know I won’t reread them. I also purchased a few sets of flashcards for Chloe. She learns so much from them. I don’t feel as guilty about that.

Chloe and I still need boots for Winter. So I am on the look out for a good sale. Shoes are something I will buy new, especially for Chloe. Her feet issues require I buy sturdy shoes for her. Now if I find pair of used, but good condition, boots I will buy them for myself. Last year a very good friend bought Chloe 2 winter coats. One for last year and a bigger one for this year. I’m so thankful for that. I got Chloe’s gloves and hat at the Dollar Tree. Very good quality items this year.

My goal is to get back on track by getting back to the thrift stores. Hopefully the issues with the library will end soon for Chloe and I can check out free books there. I know what I have done may not seem terrible to some of you, but I just struggle with spending when we have debt to pay off. Christmas is coming and I plan on selling some of Chloe’s used books and toys. Then using that money to purchase her Christmas. I still work on My Points surveys and that money will be used for Christmas as well.

I suppose since all the shopping hit in one month it overwhelmed me. Chloe and I have all the clothes we need (minimalist wardrobes) and as soon as I find boots we are set for the season. Guilt be gone!!

I hope your week is going well. Have a great day


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