Halloween Day Fun🎃


Good Morning😊

I typically do not post on Sunday, but I wanted to post about our fun last Thursday. We didn’t go trick or treating,  but we had a fun day full of activities! The weather was horrible here. 37 degrees, extremely windy and rainy.

I blew up some balloons, which she LOVES, for her to play with. Then I set up the kitchen table with fun activities 😀


We painted a Fall tree and got messy with shaving cream. Shaving cream is one of her favorite sensory activities.  I also set up her Oats sensory box and a few other crafts.


We had a blast making pumpkin shaped sugar cookies together. She couldn’t wait to eat them. Since she didn’t go trick or treating I put together a bucket of goodies for her. She loved the purple shaker broom, unicorn tail (super soft), flubber and a few cookie treats. 


We had grilled cheese and chili for supper. So good on a cold day. We ended our night with pajama movie night. She chose The Peanuts Movie🙂. We ate our cookies and laughed like crazy. The best part of the day is when she crawled up beside me and held my hand for awhile. So sweet🧡


I think we had a wonderful day. What did you do on Halloween? Do you truck or treat? Share below☺


***Tomorrow’s post will go up in the afternoon.  Sharing our first day with new curriculum 😄***

Have a great day😀

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