Simplify Life By Meal Prepping


Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

I love making my life easier, especially being a Autism Mom. It is awesome to have meals ready to just pull out of the refrigerator or freezer, warm them up and be done. Chloe is super impatient when it comes to waiting for food. So meal prepping really helps with that.

Breakfast foods I like to make ahead of time are muffins, pancakes, biscuits, sausage patties, and different breads (banana or pumpkin). I do not always make all of these, but I do make either muffins or pancakes for Chloe each week. She picks what she wants and I make enough for the week. She is a creature of habit and likes to eat the same breakfast each day. I do want to put together some sausage biscuits and English muffin sandwiches. We try not to eat a lot of bread, but sometimes you just need something different. A lot of mornings I make a almond milk smoothie with peanut butter, banana and a squirt of honey. I am not a breakfast person, so I have to make myself eat sometimes.

Lunch is typically leftovers from the night before or sandwiches. Chloe is on a roll with veggie noodles and gluten free hot dogs. I know, not the healthiest meal, but the veggie noodles are ok with me. I make up at least 3 days worth of noodles, so I don’t have to cook at lunch, just warm them up. I am trying to get her to try new lunches, but no luck so far. I pick my battles. I do make up homemade pb&j crustables for the freezer. My new goal for outings is I pack a cooler with plenty of snacks, crustables and drinks, so there is no stopping for fast food. Chloe is to addicted to McDonalds. You can also make up jar salads for lunches. Its a great grab and go meal. I have always said if I have prepared food I eat better. I am planning on getting some snack cups to put fruit in for lunches to. Chloe loves grapes, berries and pineapple. so I can make up cups for her to grab.

Dinner is the big meal prepping win. Take one day and cook all the meat you need for the week. Last week I made 3 pounds of taco meat I needed for 2 recipes. I loved just pulling it out and defrosting it. I need to cook a whole chicken and divide up the meat for 2 to 3 meals. Make a big pot of soup and divide it, freezing one, for a meal next week. If you are making to Ziti pasta bakes….make 2 and freeze one!! There are so many ways to make meals easier. I have slipped up lately, but am getting back in the swing of it.

My best tip on snacks…don’t buy prepackaged ones. Buy containers or ziplocs and make up your own. It saves so much money!!

Don’t waste food. Eat it the next day for leftovers or freeze what’s left,

As the colder weather approaches I will be spending more time in the kitchen. I love cooking with my girl Chloe and filling up the freezer.

Do you meal prep? Share below how you get it all together. Have a wonderful weekend.

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