Hello November and New Curriculum

person holding an orange leaf  Good Morning and Hello November!

I am super excited to start my new curriculum with Miss Chloe. It is super minimal and we still learn all throughout the day. I have been using a combination of a few online curriculums, but I just needed things to be, well simple.

This curriculum is geared towards my 9 year old with moderately severe Autism. She has an amazing memory and I try to let her lead me a bit in what she wants to learn and if she is ready for tougher work. I hope there is something you and use for your child. I thought about calling it Everyday Learning, but not sure about it yet. I welcome suggestions.


**Addition/Subtraction (Homemade) Flashcards from 0 to 12

**Adding 3 numbers (3+2+1) together

**Telling Time by hour, 1/2 hour and work on learning minutes

**Counting change up to $1.00 using same coins and a mixture of coins

**We will take shopping trips to Dollar Tree to work on spending**

**Working on More/Less/Equal to (We will use toys or other manipulatives)

**Cooking: We will be making lots of goodies as we work on measuring and reading a recipe. We plan on making: Homemade bread, Cornbread, Apple Fritters and our Thanksgiving meal.

Language Arts/ Spelling/ Reading

**Work on learning to read the blends bl, pl, cl, fl, gl, and sl

** I write a blend on the dry erase board and she thinks of words that start with that blend** We say the words and spell them. Jack Hartman has great blend videos on YouTube.

**Reads 30 minutes or more on her own throughout the day.

**Read Aloud/ Audio Book of Little House on the Prairie with Mom. **I read 1 chapter a day. **

**We read a Bible Story each day from her Children’s Bible

**Spelling words for November

house, wagon, logs, fire, wash window, chop, grass, leaves, girl

** I picked words from our read aloud Little House on the Prarie. When I read to her I will show her these words and ask her to spell them. I also post them on the refrigerator so she sees them often. Throughout the day I will ask her to spell a word.



**Copy write sentences in her notebook: I write sentences in her notebook. They pertain to what we are learning or even something funny. She copies them. We are working on spacing out her words.

**Practice writing letters k,g,z,x,q  on her dry erase board

**Write cards to her friends in other states or towns.

** Help Mom write the weekly shopping list

** Do the following fine motor exercise that help strengthen hand writing muscles.

String beads, cutting practice, play dough, lacing cards, coloring and drawing



**Chloe has shown a lot of interest in the cornfields lately. So we will learn how corn grows and what is done with it.

**Do animals eat corn?  What do we make with corn?   Taste test corn on the cob.

**Make popcorn, Cornbread, Cornbread Fritters and Corn mush (from Little House)

**Sensory tubs of corn kernels and another with corn meal


Make sensory bags with different items. We will use hair gel, shaving cream, rice, flour, cornmeal, salt and mixing 2 colors to make a new color.  We will talk about Textures and colors.



** Veterans Day: Monday, November 11

We will watch a video on Homeschool Pop about Veterans Day. I will also have her send a Thank You card to a Veteran we know.


Learn about The First Thanksgiving by reading the book: The Very First Thanksgiving by Rhonda Gowler Greene.

Watch various videos on YouTube about Thanksgiving

**Our Giving Project: Make warmers from socks and rice for the animals at the animal shelter. Also donate some food.**



Nature walks

Leaf collecting and Leaf Rubbings

Make a book about Fall

Collect Pine cones for our table

Painting Outside


So there it is. I am new at this and I’m sure I will make changes as I learn. I think this is simple and you can use it in any order or add in whatever you like. Chloe is in different learning levels in each subject, so I have to account for that when I plan activities. I hope you can find something useful for your child or if this gives you the encouragement to create a curriculum for your child that’s awesome too!

Have a wonderful day!



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