Does Chloe Go Trick Or Treating?

adult celebration child costume   Happy Halloween!


Yesterday, when at the grocery, a lot of people asked Chloe if she was excited about Halloween and what was she going to dress up as. Her responses are always “Yes and Ariel”. Is she going trick or treating? No, not this year.

Chloe has been in the past, when she was much younger. As she has gotten older and more anxious she doesn’t ask to go as much. There are also other factors that keep us from going. Where we live we do not know anyone. I am not keen on taking her to strangers homes. I also have the hardest time finding her a costume. She always wants to be Ariel, from the Little Mermaid. These costumes are tight and are just not made for girls her size. Ill admit one reason I like her to go is because she is such an introvert and I always love seeing her excited about something outside the house. Overall, I am not bummed out if she doesn’t go, as long as she isn’t sad about it.

We have a fun day together baking cookies shaped like pumpkins, playing outside, watching movies in our pajamas and playing games. I will post pictures of our day tomorrow.  I take her bucket and fill it with sensory items, activities and a few treats. She loves it! We call it our Fall Party. I usually make Chili and grilled cheese for supper. Sometimes she talks me into pizza. LOL.

We are hoping to live back home soon. So we will have to wait and see what next year brings. Do you take your kiddos trick or treating?


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