Learning About Pumpkins


Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Last week we learned all about apples. This week we are learning about PUMPKINS. This time of year our neighbors have their pumpkins out and carved into Jack O Lanterns. Chloe is not so into that. She doesn’t like to make faces on her pumpkins. When we went to the Pumpkin patch she picked out the smallest pumpkins she could find. She likes to set them around on the table and in her room. I really have to keep an eye on them when they start to rot.

I told Chloe this week we are buying a pumpkin to cut open and look at what is inside. She looked at me like I was crazy. She said absolutely nothing. I thought she will either be ok with it or lose it when I start cutting it open. So how did it go….she started to cry when I stuck the knife in it. She wanted it outside!

I carried it outside and that was that. I ended up showing her a video of kids and their Mom cutting open a pumpkin and that seemed to be ok with her. You just never know. She can tell you the parts of a pumpkin, so she learned what I was going to teach her anyway. I always attempt activities, even if I am not to sure how she will react.

We watched several books about pumpkins and how they grow on YouTube to finish up our pumpkin activity.

She keeps checking on her little pumpkins to make sure I haven’t bothered them. Lol.

I hope your week is going well. Welcome to my new followers 😊

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