Creating My Own Curriculum


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

This is our 3rd year of homeschooling and I feel like I have tried every workbook or curriculum I thought would fit Chloe’s needs. I have been printing a lot of worksheets off the internet the past month. I just haven’t enjoyed doing that. Chloe blows through them and I feel left out of teaching her. I also do not like wasting that much paper. Our state only requires we show a few examples of their best work each month. I throw away so much paper!! We also do a lot of Unschooling, but lately Miss Chloe is getting lazy on me. LOL.

So after much thought and making notes about how Chloe learns I have decided to get my bottom in gear and write her curriculum. I have worked for days on it and just completed November. It is low waste and would be considered minimalist curriculum. It also includes learning from just every day living activities. No doing worksheets or workbooks. We will cover the basics of Reading, Writing and Math, but also cover History, Civics and Science. These are required by our state. There will be lots of hands on activities and just learning through every part of our day.

I feel Chloe needs to learn life skills more than anything. We will be working on those all day everyday. They are not included in the lesson plan I will post, but just think of what your child needs to work on and make a chart for them. Sunday I had her sweep pine needles off the back porch after a storm the night before.

20191027_133245   She had a ball and she learned she could see the porch better once she swept off the pine needles. She is already helping fold and put away laundry. She is a fast learner.

I plan on posting our monthly plan at the beginning of each month. The way the plan is set up is each subject has all the activities we will be learning about in that month. You can do them in whatever order you wish. I will also have examples of how I will work with Chloe on each activity. As I said her life skills are not on the lesson plan, but I will post once a week about her progress with them. I am excited to be able to write Chloe’s curriculum and not spend so much time and money trying to fit other curriculums to her needs. I hope I post something that is useful to you and your child. I always welcome input or ideas, so please feel free.

Welcome to all of my new followers! I hope all of you are having a good week so far.

8 thoughts on “Creating My Own Curriculum”

  1. I was a Homeschool Mom too. I miss those days & the closeness of family. My youngest just turned “18” and will graduate from public school this year. He homeschooled till the 9th grade. After 3 weeks in public school (9th grade) they had to advance him in 3 of his classes. There is no denying that homeschoolers learn more. Children are so individual and each learns in their own special ways. I wish you the best!💛

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      1. 😄 I had 3 son’s: Caleb 28, Charles 22 and Corbin 18. Now it is just me and Caleb. All the other birds left the nest. Caleb is autistic, ADHD & with seizure disorder. He will always be with me 🙂.

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