Waiting Lists☹

Good Morning😊

The past few weeks, since obtaining new insurance,  I have been working on getting Chloe back into all of her therapies. I have hit wall after wall. I had to place her on waiting lists every place I called. I was so disappointed, but I totally understand.

I know eventually she will start,  but waiting even longer is hard. I knew being put on a list was a possibility,  but I had hoped someone would have an opening for Speech or Occupational therapy. My goal is for her to see the Speech and OT therapist she had a few years ago. They were a great match for Chloe. She really loved them and still talks about them every day. It is very important that your child and the therapists work well together.

The pediatrician added physical therapy to help with her toe walking, which is causing balance issues for Chloe now. She is also having a hard time walking for more than a few minutes at a time. I tried walking on my toes for 2 minutes and it was tough!! I am happy it is finally being addressed. I got tired of hearing its “normal ” with Autism. It may be a sign or symptom, but its NOT NORMAL!!

The past 2 years I have worked with her the best I could. I am very excited for her to have therapy again. We need the support.  I will update you once she starts.

Have a wonderful day🧡

3 thoughts on “Waiting Lists☹”

  1. When my oldest was younger he did those therapies too. Some Home Healthcare agencies provide them too and most insurance covers them. Sharing because I don’t believe a Home Healthcare agency will put you on a waiting list. Hope it all works out for you!💛


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