Mom’s Night Out….Ugh Rain☔

Happy Saturday 😊

Last night I traveled to see my oldest daughter Mattie.  We had planned to go to a spooky woods event in the area. We were both super excited! The rain was suppose to hold off until late last night, but as I was driving there….it started raining.

I called my daughter and told her it will probably be canceled.  Double bummer😔. I was contacted by a friend who was part of the spooky woods event and they said it was open, but could close depending on the rain. Well we didn’t really want to walk through the rain, so we decided to go eat. It’s always nice to hang with my daughter. She even paid for my meal❤ After our meal I drove to my parents to spend the night.  Too late and rainy to drive home.

How did Chloe handle me not being home overnight? She actually did ok, until bedtime.  She cried for me for over an hour ( per Dad). I was so sad for her, but she needs to get use to Mom being gone sometimes. I drove home early this morning and Chloe is stuck to me😍

I regret Mattie and I didn’t get to go to the spooky woods, but I enjoyed hanging with her. Chloe got some Daddy time too😊

We Moms need time for ourselves, even if our kiddos struggle with it. I’m going to make a cup a coffee, cuddle up with Chloe on the couch and watch some TV on this rainy day.

Have a great day!

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