Chloe’s Outdoor Sensory Items

Good Morning and Happy Friday😁

When you think of Sensory Items for your child you may think about squishy toys or slime. Chloe’s favorite sensory items are free and made by God.

She loves pine needles ! We have a huge pine tree and our yard is full of pine needles.  She plays with them, throws them and rolls in them.

She loves Pine Cones! Another gift from our pine tree. Chloe collects them, piles them up and yes, throws them. Lol. I have seen her roll one around in her hands.

She loves Rocks! Our landscaping is full of pebbles and stones. She like to collect all sizes and sort them. She will also count them. I have heard her say “Rock soft”. I do have problems with her throwing them all over the yard. She plays David and Goliath with them😊

She loves crunchy leaves. She will pick up every leaf she finds and either pull it apart little pieces at a time or she will crush it in her hands. She sometimes stomps on them saying “Crunch crunch”.

She loves hugging and feeling the tree trunk of the pine tree. It is rough a huge. I see her pick pieces off and soon discovers its sticky. “Mom clean hands”!

Last and probably her favorite…..DIRT. She digs in it with her hands and her stick she has had since we moved here. She finds more pebbles and of course she must throw them. Lol. She loves to throw dirt when it’s windy. I warn her it will blow into her face, but she replies “I can do it”.

So there are Chloe’s free outdoor sensory items. She also has her platform swing, but spends most of her time on the other things. I love watching her discover new textures. Every season brings new ones🍂🌲🍁

Have a wonderful day💛


nature red forest leaves
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2 thoughts on “Chloe’s Outdoor Sensory Items”

  1. Caleb likes pinecones too. His big thing is anything round like a ball. So, it is hard to get him to understand that he can’t collect walnuts 😄. Nature does provide free sensory items 👏.

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