Apple Activities 🍎

close up of fruits hanging on tree
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Good Morning😊

This week Chloe and I have been learning about APPLES🍎

I copied a parts of an apple sheet and then I cut an apple in half. I identified the parts of the real apple and then she labeled the parts on her apple sheet. She loved telling me the parts of her apple.

I also found an activity where she fills in the blocked picture of an apple with cubes. I tried to upload the picture of it, but it wouldn’t load🙄. She did it several times. Chloe loves working with cubes🙂

Next we watched a few videos on YouTube about how apples grow. She loves the song Way Up High In An Apple Tree. She has been singing it a lot. We also watched the book 10 Apples Up On Top by Dr Suess on YouTube.

Yesterday we made some apple crisp. She wouldn’t eat it, but had a blast making it. She enjoyed chopping up the apples. This weekend I’m hoping we can make homemade applesauce together. I love cooking with her. So fun😍

Next week we will be learning about pumpkins. 🎃

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week🧡

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