I Love Intermittent Fasting💚


Good Morning 😊

I have been watching different YouTube videos about intermittent fasting. Heidi on Heavenly Minded Homeschool and a new channel I found called Six Miles To Supper have really inspired me to try this. 

I have really struggled to lose weight for a long time. I’m tired of yo-yoing all the time. I started last Wednesday and as of yesterday I’ve lost 4 lbs! I can already feel a difference.  I usually have stomach aches every time I eat, but I haven’t had that issue with fasting. 

There are different windows of fasting .

12:12- eating during a 12 hour window and fasting 12 hours.

16:8- fasting 16 hours and a 8 hour eating window.

20:4- fasting 20 hours and a 4 hour eating window.

OMAD- Eat One Meal A Day

** I am doing a 18:6- I fast 18 hours and eat in a 6 hour window.

I will try different windows of eating to see what works best for me. I love that its not a diet or that I don’t have to follow a strict meal plan. I meal plan, but I don’t have to change anything.  Easy Peasy 😊 I do track my calories on my Samsung Health App, just for my own information.  I do occasionally like to throw in chips and salsa. Yummy 😋

Walking is my exercise of choice. I aim for 3 miles a day. My goal is 5, but I’m not pushing myself to hard.  I have a long back yard and will walk it when Chloe plays outside or I will do my walk dvd. 

Fall and winter are tough weight gaining months for me. I am hoping this plan will help me stay on track. 

Have any of you ever tried Intermittent Fasting? Share your thoughts below.

Have a great day💜

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