Spelling Activities For My Autistic Daughter


Good Morning 😊

Chloe loves spelling! I try to come up with fun ways to work with her on it. I am always calling out words for her to spell around the house and in the car. She gets super excited when she spells a word correctly. 

Here are a few ways we work on spelling. 

Magnet Letters on the refrigerator or Dry Erase Board. I give her words to spell or jumble up a word with the letters and she puts them in order to make a word.

Salt Tray Spelling/Writing

Playdough and Letter Stamps

Word Hunt: I write words all over a piece of paper or the dry erase board. I call out a word and she circles it.

Spelling with Sidewalk Chalk: Write words outside with chalk.


Those are just a few ways we work in spelling. I hope you can use a few in your homeschool day.

Have a wonderful day😊

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