Autism Mom Chat: Behavior Changes

20191011_155141  Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

This morning, as I wait for Chloe to get out of bed, I thought I would post about her latest behavior changes. She was awake by 7:30, but didn’t come into the kitchen until 9:30. Her Dad got her a special breakfast, but she showed no excitement. She usually starts giggling. I had to run to the Dollar General and grab some coffee while she was still in the bed. I was told she kept calling out for me. She is going through a phase of being super attached to me.

These phases are tough because it makes it hard for me to leave her and go out. She seems to almost get stressed over me being gone. The past few days she will all of a sudden come up and grab my hand. I hate for her to feel this way. Next week I was going to leave her with her Dad and take my older daughter to a Halloween Haunted Woods, but I am not so sure how she will do. I will be gone several hours and after dark. I know she needs to experience my absence, but I also don’t want her to feel over anxious and make things extra tough on her Dad. 

I am still waiting for her therapy to begin. She is next on the list to start, but not sure how long it will take. I am calling tomorrow to find out. She really needs to get started. Her stims are increasing and becoming frustrating for her to deal with. I haven’t seen her play with a toy in a few weeks. She will draw on her magna doodle, but no toys.  Chloe is always reading books, but every time I ask her to read to me she says “No thank you”. It is tough when you are use to her way of doing things the same all the time and then she changes completely. I try to figure out what is going on, since she can’t tell me. She has started to get up at night again, but doesn’t stay up very long. 

Time changes November 3rd, but the changes have never really bothered her. When it gets dark earlier it actually helps her go to sleep a lot better. I hate not knowing how to help her. I just patiently wait for her to get through the phase and support her the best I can. We have been on Fall Break (Last week), so we are getting back to it tomorrow. I have a feeling that will be an adventure as well. I will most likely set out activities for her to do on the table and take a total Unschool approach until she gets over whatever is bothering her. This is the part of Autism I hate the most. She can’t say “Mom this is bothering me, help”. I feel helpless, but like I said I just wait it out and support her.

How do you handle your child’s behavior changes? Share below in the comments.

Have a wonderful day


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