What A Wonderful Day!

Good Morning😊

I have been trying to upload our trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday since last night, but the pictures won’t load. If I can get them to later I will post them.

My older daughter Mattie went with Chloe and I to a wonderful pumpkin patch called Walker T’s. There were so many fun activities to do. The petting animal area had cows, goats, and sheep. I LOVE COWS😍 They had massive slides that went super fast, but Chloe only did them twice. She didn’t care for the bumpiness. They had horse swings made from old tires. Chloe loved them and shouted “Giddy up”!! 

I have always loved hayrides and we all had a blast on Walkers. He had old bus seats on the wagon, so.the ride was very comfortable. We rode out to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins. Chloe always picks a tiny one. She calls them baby pumpkins🎃. We could see the whole farm during the ride.

Chloe’s favorite activity was the jump pad. A barn sized air filled trampoline.  She spent over an hour on it. She was so excited 😀 I wish she could’ve spent more time on it, but we had to check out the rest of the fun things to do. 

Inside another barn was a massive corn bin to play in. Chloe used dump trucks, filling them up and dumping out the kernels.  She laid down in them for the longest time. I’m sure it was great sensory input for her. 

Before leaving my older daughter, Mattie, went through a sunflower maze and Chloe picked another baby pumpkin. We really had a good time. The weather was cool and perfect. We may try to go again before the end of the season.

I will keep trying to post pictures from our fun day. Hi and welcome to my new followers. I hope everyone has a great day 🙂



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