Baking Cookies!!

Good Morning and Happy Thursday 😀

What do we love to do on a a cold, windy Fall day? BAKE COOKIES🍪! Chloe is on a roll helping me bake lately. I don’t even have to ask her to help. She sees me gathering ingredients and she is saying “I help”.

I am working with her on reading recipes and helping me get the ingredients out of the pantry. She loves being a big helper. As I have said before, her favorite part is cracking the eggs. It’s so adorable to watch. She is so careful. She loves to sing as she stirs the batter. PRECIOUS 😍

The hardest part of baking with Chloe is keeping her out of the yummy treats after. She will ask for a cookie all day long. I always have to hide them. It is worth it just to have this wonderful time with her.

Tomorrow we are traveling home to go to a huge pumpkin patch. They have tons of great games and activities . I will share that post tomorrow afternoon. So look for a later post tomorrow 😊

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have an awesome day🙂

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