I Get So Jealous Sometimes

20191011_155141   Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!


Sometimes I get so jealous of other parents. I see their “normal developed” children playing and talking to each other. The moms are all standing around drinking their Starbucks coffee and chatting about Susie’s latest dance recital or Johnny’s baseball game. I stand alone watching my beautiful daughter flapping and singing over by the slides. No one is playing or even speaking to her. It breaks my heart.

I feel lonely and sad many days when Chloe and I are out and about. People give me the “Oh I’m so sorry look” or the ever dreaded “What is wrong with her” look. I hold back my tears and push on. Then I notice something…..Chloe is not at all concerned what others are thinking. She is happy and laughing. I smile, realizing all that matters is that she is safe and happy. All that matters is that moment with my daughter. 

So it doesn’t matter that Chloe isn’t having dance recitals. She loves dancing at home and in the car. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t hit a homerun at the softball game. We have fun playing catch at home. She has quite the arm on her. She loves to sing and read books. She is awesome!

I will release the jealous thoughts and embrace our Autism Life. My girl is sweet, smart, talented, giggly and loving. We are very blessed.

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Have a wonderful day!

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