Self Care: Fitting In My Exercise


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday πŸ˜€

The picture above is our back yard. Why am I showing you my backyard? Because this yard is big enough that when I am outside with Chloe I can walk the backyard for bonus exercise.

Exercise is so important for all of us. It is a wonderful stress reliever for this Autism Mom. I love to exercise and typically wait until after dinner to work out so I can jump in the shower after. Unfortunately some nights I get tired or something I ate hurts my stomach and I don’t get that workout in. So I made the decision to work out earlier in the day and add bonus workouts during the day as well. I walk around the yard, do squats during homeschool time, or arm exercises whenever I can. I realized I make it way more difficult than it needs to be.

I have to make time to care for myself. So do you😊 We have to be healthy and strong, not only for ourselves, but for our kiddos. So whether you go to the gym, do workout videos or go for walks, make time for your health.

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