Can I Live Without It?

20190914_150756    HAPPY SATURDAY!


It is the day I post about simple living and minimalism. I have been researching a lot about simple living lately. One question that seems to pop up on many sites is What Can You Live Without? That is a good question and it really made me think about the stuff I have left and could I live without some of it.

I just finished the book, for the 2nd time, goodbye things by fumio sasaki. He got rid of almost all of his possessions so he could live a more simple and meaningful life. He shares his journey from the very beginning. It is a wonderful book if you are on a journey to minimalism. So I started to think of all the items I have left and could I live without any of it? 

I have already gotten rid of over half of my stuff, but I believe I could live with even less. The less the better. Less to store, less to organize and less to clean. I am not the best housekeeper, so the less to worry about may help me in that area. Its funny since I am allergic to dust, but I just dislike cleaning. Well how many people love it. LOL. So lets break down a few of my items and see if I can part with them.

Books: I have 7 books left, including my Bible. I have read all of them at least twice. Could I part with them? Yep, except my Bible of course. There is one book I may keep because I love the recipes in it. We will see how that goes.

Notebooks: I have never shared my obsession with notebooks before. I even had my kids buy me notebooks for my birthday one year. I kid you not…LOL. I love to write and I always want to know I have a notebook handy. Right now I have 3 empty notebooks waiting for me to write in. I know I can’t live without them, but I can resist buying one until I need it. 

Makeup: I have already simplified my makeup basket. I do have days I don’t wear any makeup. I do like my eye makeup. I wear glasses and I like to play up my eyes a bit. If I had to go without it I guess I could, but I would prefer just to keep it simplified.

Lots of Clothes: I have never liked having to many clothes. Its a pain! I am not fashionable and I love to be comfortable. I am happy with my 1 weeks worth of clothes and 2 dressy outfits in case I need them.

Eating Take Out: Yes I could do without it. I do love Mexican food, but I know take out is often unhealthy and gets expensive. The only way to make this happen is to cook daily. I would like to enjoy a good Mexican meal out occasionally, but I could do without.

It is amazing that I thought for years I had to have a lot of stuff to be happy. It was only a moment of happiness and then it became something to clean or put away. Living with the essentials is what is important to me now. I have mentioned, in a previous post, that I do not like shopping. Sometimes I will get away by myself and go to Goodwill or a 2nd hand bookstore. Once there I feel claustrophobic and have even gotten dizzy. Not a good feeling. If I can ever get Chloe’s room minimized I hope I can teach her the concept of less as well. I know it will ease her stress, especially since she has Autism and desires less stress in her life.

If you are trying to simplify your life, think about what items  you can live without. You may surprise yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Welcome to all of my new followers. Have a wonderful day.


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