Unschooling Math For This Week

Good Morning 😊

Today I want to share our unschooling math activities for the week. Unfortunately Chloe accidentally deleted the pictures. Lol

Chloe enjoys math. She has always loved to count everything! I am so proud of how far she has come, from using counters to doing facts in her head. I have started introducing adding 3 numbers. She got frustrated at first, but quickly got it and then loved it. Sometimes Chloe will still use counters just for fun. When she uses the math cubes she also gets fine motor work in, which is great.

We worked on time by stopping during the day and looking at the clock on the wall. Easy Peasy 🙂

She is still struggling with retaining More or Less. Not sure why, but we just keep working on it. I use blocks, rocks outside, and just drawing on her dry erase board to practice these concepts.

Another way we worked on math is cooking. I love cooking with Chloe. She’s messy and fun😆. You can also work on reading during cooking activities.  

Finally we watched Jack Hartman videos on YouTube and played on StarFall.  He has so many math videos. Chloe loves them and learns so much from them. StarFall is a wonderful website full of math, phonics and reading activities.  Chloe does very well on it. Like I have said I want learning to be fun for her.

So there are the unschool math activities we did this week. Thanks so much for stopping by🙂

Have a great day🧡

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