Unschooling Has Helped Her Sleep Issues😊


Good Morning

This week I may be posting more often. Sometimes I just have more to say. Lol

I have been 100% Unschooling Chloe for 2 weeks now. Guess what….she is sleeping!! Not just sleeping,  but sleeping all night and later in the morning. It has been wonderful ☺

I think she enjoys our days being more relaxed. She does not like being rushed or overly busy. I noticed during her worksheet phase she would ask for more and more. She would blow through them and then seemed overwhelmed.  I just wasn’t happy with the whole scenario. 

This past weekend we went to the Dollar Tree. I had her pick a few workbooks she could do for fun. Monday morning I caught her at the table working on the Alphabet one. She spent a whole hour on it. I also laid out play dough, blocks and a stringing activity for her. She does the activities at her own pace. It has really made for better days. She is less fidgety and sleeps more soundly. Yippee 😀


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day💚

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