Our Peaceful Unschooling Week

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

We had a wonderful and very calm week of Unschooling. I was not feeling my best and I decided this would be a good week to try full blown, Chloe directed Unschooling. 

The first thing I noticed is if I set out coloring sheets for her she went right to them and would spend an hour coloring. She stays in the lines very well now. It is a great activity for focus and fine motor work. I pulled out her oats sensory box and she was pretty excited. She played with it for the longest time while I took a break and laid down for a bit. While we cuddled on the couch we went over addition and subtraction facts. She loves when we do that. We also practiced spelling words she had been struggling with.

I have always kept her wooden blocks just in case she ever wants to play with them. She pulled them out twice and built a playground for her Mickey Mouse characters. I love watching her use her imagination. She did ask for worksheets a few times, but I never brought it up. I printed off some that were cut and paste, which she loves.

Our weather was so hot until today, so outdoor time was in short spurts. I sat in front of a fan the whole time. It was like 95 degrees!! We are so glad it is cooling down starting today. I hope it hangs around for good. We are ready to spend A LOT of time outside. We both do have yucky Fall allergies, but we will survive. I hope to get her back to the Pumpkin Patch soon. There is one in our hometown that is amazing and filled with awesome activities, like a jump pad and a huge corn bin. She will love it, unless it is packed. I will probably have to take her later in the day.

The biggest thing I have noticed this week is how calmly she goes to sleep. Maybe without being on such a strict schedule she is not as anxious. She has even been quieter the past few days. Hmmm is there a connection? I think this way of learning is good for her. I will find a way to place more things in her path without forcing her to do them. We will see how that goes. I know I have really enjoyed this week with her.

I apologize for not posting her October chart for her skills we are working on, but I haven’t felt well and Im still working on it. We have worked more on putting on clothing and brushing hair this week. Mom is just not feeling great. I will get it completed this weekend. I may post it as an extra post on Sunday.


I hope all of you had a wonderful week. Thanks and welcome to all of my new followers.


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