Pumpkin Patch Fun


On Friday we traveled to our hometown to visit our favorite pumpkin patch. Chloe and I picked up my older daughter and went to a local pumpkin patch we all love.

They added a lot of new activities and games. Chloe loves the tractor and the slides. She ran from one to the other.

We all loved seeing the animals. They had a calf, baby turkeys, a rooster and 2 chickens, rabbits, 2 goats and a dog that didn’t want visitors. He growled at us. Lol

Chloe had such a wonderful time. It got hot pretty fast and after an hour or so she was ready to pick pumpkins and head out. I hope we can get back and visit another pumpkin patch . They have several great ones in our hometown we love πŸ’›πŸ§‘ Here are some more pictures from our day.

Have any of you been to a pumpkin patch yet? What are your favorite activities there?

Have a great day😊

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