Could I Be An Extreme Minimalist?


Good morning and Happy Saturday!

I love watching YouTube videos about Extreme Minimalists. How do they live with so little? Do they ever miss having stuff? Could I live that way? YES I WOULD LOVE TO😀

The more items I get rid of the better I feel. If I could get Chloe down to only her favorite toys it would be wonderful.  I know she would play better and clean up would take minutes.

I always thought I had to have what others had to be happy, but as I got into my middle 40’s stuff became irritating.  I looked around at all of the stuff to dust that did not bring me joy. I saw items I thought I had to keep because my Mom or Grandmother gave them to me.  The crazy part is when I look at the items I feel sad. So I decided to take pictures of some items and donate them.

I really love the people who go without a lot of furniture.  Not sure if I could sleep on the floor. I’m a bit old for that, Lol. Cleaning can he done so quickly, leaving more time for more important things. If I can ever get Chloe to let go of her excess I will be thrilled to see her enjoy playing again.

So yes I would love to be an extreme minimalist.  I may not fit everything in a backpack,  but I know I can live with so much less.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog today. I hope your having a great day😊

2 thoughts on “Could I Be An Extreme Minimalist?”

  1. I’m letting go of material things, too. It does feel good, but I love sleeping on a bed and having enough furniture for my family to be comfortable and to entertain guests. 🙂 We are trying to sell our house and because of that we have given away or sold some of our furniture. We are down to three couches now instead of five, which is okay, but my husband misses his recliner chair (it matched the couch set we gave away) and I had seller’s remorse after practically giving our guest bedroom set to our nephew, Lol. Baby steps I guess!

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