Uncluttered Homeschool

Happy Friday😊

I have minimized so many items in our home. One of the areas I have greatly reduced items is the homeschool area. The more I minimize this area the easier homeschool becomes. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the “STUFF” out there for homeschooling.  I know I did. I have said before I have wasted so much money. It is a learn as you go process. especially when you are teaching a child with special needs.

I still try workbooks from time to time if they are on clearance or if Chloe is asking for them a lot. The Dollar Tree is good for those. Then I feel horrible about all of the paper I throw away. I also print worksheets from online resources.  I still throw so many away after she does them. I hate the waste!!

I decided to try different ways of teaching that doesn’t require so much throwing away of paper. I am required to keep work in a portfolio, but I only keep a few things per month.  I have read on many blogs to use small dry erase boards for writing (which we do some days). Chloe doesn’t do paragraph writing. She will copy write sentences. I do use a notebook for that. I am thinking of taking pictures of activities for her portfolio. 

Math is one of her favorite subjects to work on. She loves when we sit on the couch and write addition and subtraction facts on the dry erase board. I have also written up facts on index cards and let her use math cubes to answer them. We work with real money and draw clocks on our dry erase board to work on time. 

Chloe goes through phases of wanting worksheets. That’s where the cheap workbooks come in handy or I can print them off the internet. I would prefer to do that as little as possible. I think about Little House on the Prairie and how they used their chalk slates. So simple and minimal. 

Chloe knows her basic academics. She can add and subtract well in her head. Reading comes easy to her and writing is coming along well. Everything else is learning through life experiences.  A worksheet about a mail carrier is boring. I like taking her to the Post Office and showing her the mail truck when it delivers mail. Chloe learns about Fall by playing outside. I show her the leaves changing color and falling off the trees. 

So I continue on the road to make Chloe’s learning fun and unstressful as I can. This week has went very well. A lot of outside time and worksheets…Ugh. She has been asking for them, so I give them to her. The weather has been nice and we have taken advantage of it☀️

I hope your week has gone smoothly. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Have a great day🙂

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