Setting Monthly Goals For My Autistic Daughter

Good morning

I think setting goals in life is great. It keeps you organized and motivated. Some days are harder than others when working on those goals. We just keep pushing on. 

I have always set yearly goals for Chloe since it is required by our state for homeschool. I have recently made the decision to set monthly goals for her. Yearly goals are a bit more difficult to keep track of. I think montly goals will keep us more focused.

I wanted to share some tips on making goals for your child with Autism or any other special needs.

Remember the goals must match your child’s developmental level, not just their age.

Don’t put “YOUR” goals on your child. Make sure the goals you set are beneficial to them and their way of life.

Make the goal achievable. Don’t make the task so difficult they can’t make progress. It will discourage them and they will give up.

Do not rush your child to learn the skill you are working on. This has been a big lesson for me. Every child learns at their own pace.

Celebrate every goal achieved, no matter how small. Chloe loves to be celebrated. I love celebrating her!


These are the steps I am taking in setting up her goals.

Make a list of behaviors and skills you want to work on.

I break them down into areas of learning…Self Help/Life Skills/Social/Educational. (You can make your own categories)

I make sure each goal is developmentally appropriate.

I pick a goal for each area and decide if I need to break any of them down into steps. If so I make out the cards for the activity.

After I have decided on the skills to work on I prepare a chart for Chloe showing each skill and talk to her about them. I say “Each day we work on this skill we get a sticker on that day”. Then as she starts to make progress I tell her she is almost there and when she can do it all by herself we will get a treat or celebrate. However you choose to celebrate is up to you. You can even place a picture of the reward on the chart, so they have a visual. 

So as October approaches I will be working on her first monthly chart. I will be posting it next week.

Have a wonderful day

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