Homeschooling Fall Science

Good Morning!

Science is required by our state and I have always tried to find a curriculum for Chloe to learn with. When I started reading about Unschooling I discovered I didn’t need a curriculum. Science is all around us. The next few months we will be learning about Fall and the changes that come with it.

Everyday, weather dependent, we will be outside observing the changes we see. The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees. The temperatures this week are a lot lower. Not sure if they will stay that way or not. We will be visiting the Pumpkin patch and learning about pumpkins and animals. We read lots of books, like the two above. We collect leaves, pinecones and acorns.  Chloe use to make tons of Fall crafts, but not so much anymore. We will see how that goes this year. When we go to the park we see tons of squirrels running around and I teach her how they collect food for the winter. So many learning opportunities. This is a wonderful time of year for nature walks.

A week or so ago we found a bird’s nest that fell out of the tree. We looked at it and talked about what it was made of. Chloe kept saying “Eggs”. She wanted to know where they were, so I told her the baby birds had come out of the eggs and flew away. She just laughed and ran off.  Then this past Sunday we found what Chloe calls a fuzzy caterpillar. She was fascinated by it. She kept saying “Don’t step on it”. 

Taking this approach has made learning so much easier for Chloe. Remember to keep everything at your child’s developmental level. Learning is everywhere.

Have a great day!



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