We Love Fall

Good Morning

Chloe and I love Fall. It is definitely our favorite season. The temperature begin to drop and the leaves change color. Sunday it was windy, which made the leaves blow off the trees. Chloe was loving it!

I always feel like things begin to calm down in the Fall. We prepare for colder weather by changing out our clothing. I love Fall/Winter clothing. I feel so cozy. Another thing we love about Fall is the food. Chloe loves when I make pumpkin bread. The smell fills the house and it is so yummy. She loves to help me make it. We really enjoy when the Pumpkin Patches open. I will be taking her in the next week or so. She is already talking about the animals and picking a pumpkin.

One downer of Fall Chloe and I deal with is allergies. I have stuffy noses and headaches and she has a cough. It doesn’t seem to slow her down. She loves spending more time outside the cooler it gets. We eat lunch and snacks outside more often, especially when the bugs die off. The benefit of homeschool is she gets so much time outdoors all week long. We even do some of our learning outside.

Fall is the beginning of plant life going to sleep and animals preparing for hibernation. It is a relaxing time. Make it a season of relaxation for your family.

Have a wonderful day!



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