Our Unschooling Tuesday

                                            Good Morning


Miss Chloe is sleeping a lot better now, which is wonderful! The funny thing is she still wakes up grumpy. She is just not a morning person. I though I would share one of our Unschool/Homeschool days with you.

Once Chloe crawled out of bed and I mean crawl. She has been crawling down the hall lately to come to breakfast. Don’t know why and I don’t poke the bear. Lol. She ate her breakfast and took her vitamins, while I drank my coffee. I told her we had a few errands to run. I was a bit nervous about taking her, but had an idea on how to keep her from doing her “inappropriate tic”. Typically she moves fast getting dressed when its something she wants to do, but moves at a snails pace when its something I need to do. She finally, after 30 minutes got ready and out the door we went. She behaved very well and giving her hand fidgets helped with her “tic”.

When we got home it was time to prepare lunch. She ate her usual veggie noodles and hot dogs. Then she was ready to go outside. We try to get outside early since it is still super hot here. While outside I showed her how the leaves were changing color and we walked over to the trees at the end of the yard and saw how some had already fallen off the trees. Science…check. She finished outside time by swinging on her therapy swing. 

Once inside we worked on Reading Comprehension using a worksheet from K5 Learning. Some days Chloe loves using worksheets. We then worked on reading and tracing sentences. She worked on spelling by me giving out words to her to write on her magnadoodle. Math consisted of working on telling time, filling in missing numbers from 1 to 100, and filling out a graph of how many of each picture of a treat she saw on the sheet. She loved that one. Chloe read books for 20 minutes and then I read her Summertime in the Woods (Little House Series). We ended the afternoon by watching a video on YouTube about going to the pumpkin patch, which we will be doing in the next few weeks. I just hope it cools down before we go. It is hard to enjoy Fall activites in 90 to 100 degree weather.

Later I had her work on a few Fall art activities. We colored fall leaves and made a  green apple by tearing green paper and gluing it on the apple. 

Our Learning continues all day long. It never really ends. Unschooling has really changed so much for us. If Chloe wants to do worksheets I print her off a few and if not I have hands on activities for her to do. Lately I have been asking her tons of questions and telling her different facts during the day. We have been talking a lot about Fall since it is only 4 days away. She loves going to the Pumpkin Patches in our hometown. I am hoping to meet up with friends there and we always take her older sister Mattie with us. It is a fun time of year. 

To end our night before bed we watched Return to Neverland. She giggled all the way through it. A nice way to end our day.

Welcome to all of my new followers. Thank you so much!!

Have a wonderful day


4 thoughts on “Our Unschooling Tuesday”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! We still have really hot temperatures as well, and going outside has been a challenge this summer. I can’t remember when we didn’t have three digit temperatures. I try to make up for it in the weekend, by taking my daughter up in the mountains, either for a picnic, or like last weekend we brought our tent and stayed a night in the mountains. Really looking forward to fall! So happy to hear the sleeping is better! Have great day!

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