Don’t Make My Mistake


Good Morning

Have you ever offered your child something new for a treat and it is an instant addiction for them? Chloe went through a spell, as a toddler, when she wouldn’t drink water. I bought some of those flavor packs and would add them to her water. She loved them! Here is the issue…she will not drink plain water now. Oh well not here. She guzzles it at my parents house. 

I have tried being tough and saying “We are out of flavor packs, you need to drink water”. She goes into full blown meltdowns and screams forever!! I am at a loss as to why she will drink it at my parents and not at home. She develops habits so quickly you can’t correct your mistake by the time you realize you made one. I am kicking myself over this one. So now I try to find flavor packs with zero sugar and no aspartame. I had to concede after her last fit, at bedtime, that I will have to let this run its course and let this be one of those things I let go.

So my advice is to not give you child, Autistic or not, something you don’t want them to want all the time. I hope someday she will get tired of the flavor and go back to plain water. I water it down now, so maybe someday she will stop wanting them.

Have you run into a problem like this with your child. Share below.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Make My Mistake”

  1. My son used to drink apple juice all the time when he was younger. I can empathize with you! I was able to wean him off of it by slowly diluting it with water then I just stopped buying it. He drinks water now. He does have a soda if we go out to a restaurant, but that’s the only time it is offered to him. I have some samples would love to send you for Chloe of a healthy drink drop in to see if she would like that.

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