Need To Get My Health Under Control

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I have been trying to lose the weight I gained from having Chloe for over 9 years! I am a yo-yo dieter and have been since I was a teenager. Now that I am 48 years old it is getting more and more difficult. Add on Hypothyroidism and its even tougher. I am human and love eating out, especially Mexican food. I’m pretty much disgusted by all the fast food, but still love my Mexican food. 

I drink mostly water, but occasionally have sweet tea or a soda. My big addiction snack is potato chips. I am human and on Friday morning I had donuts and coffee for breakfast, but did I feel good afterwards? No I felt horrible!! I know I make the choice when I eat or drink something unhealthy. I have always said, to others trying to lose weight, if you don’t want the temptation don’t bring it in the house. Sometimes its not me wanting it, but when you buy for a family you buy what others want, Now my house isn’t filled with junk food all the time. We occasionally buy chips or make a dessert. It just seems like even if I eat it every other week or whenever I eat it I feel terrible! So I have to make a decision. A decision that will benefit everyone. STOP BRINGING JUNKFOOD INTO THE HOUSE!!!

I love to exercise most days. I have days when I am extra tired from being up with Chloe all night or if I traveled home for the day (3 hour round trip). I am determined to work out at least 5 days a week. I have been doing old workouts from the 90’s like Susan Powter. I know some people think she’s a bit wild, but her workouts work and I am sore, in a good way. I heard a Dr say years ago that its good to start a workout first and then change your food. Once you are working out you won’t want to mess up your hard work with eating badly. Good idea. 

I am tired of being tired and feeling so frumpy! We all have a choice to make when it comes to our health and wellness, I am choosing to eat better and if I eat my favorite Mexican meal out I won’t beat myself up. It just won’t be weekly. I look at my daughter and know I have to not only do it for myself, but especially for her.

What do you do to take care of your health and wellness. Share in the comments.

Have a great day

3 thoughts on “Need To Get My Health Under Control”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog and have realized we have a lot in common. I have an autistic child and I have many health problems, including hypothyroidism.

    I have been losing weight since February 2019. So far I have lost 28 lbs. I gave up soda completely which was my worst habit. I also started doing yoga and meditation daily. In addition, I walk for an hour everyday.

    I feel a lot better now, even though I am still far from my goal weight.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Oh wow we do have a lot in common. My issue is salty snacks. They get brought in more than I would like. I unfortunately am a stress eater. I am working out as much as I can and trying to eat more veggies. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. You’re not alone in this struggle. I never lost all of my pregnancy weight from my third child. I love Mexican food. Yum! We have a saying in my church concerning what we eat: “All things in moderation”. Of course there are things we definitely avoid, but Mexican food in moderation is perfectly acceptable, even desirable! 😉 It’s also important to love ourselves while we’re trying to change our habits. I try to appreciate all my body can do, even if it’s not a perfect body. No one has a perfect body anyway. I think you’re doing a great job taking care of yourself. 💛

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