Victory In Chloe’s Room !!


Good Morning

A few weeks ago, to my amazement Chloe started slowly putting up toys in her room. Baby steps….and then one day she cleaned up the right half of her room! I was so proud of her. 

I try to talk to her often about how she can put the toys in her toybox and that they are still hers. I see that she gets anxious and so I don’t push to hard. This particular day it was like it clicked and she started placing toys in the toy box. Now half of her room is picked up and I was able to clean and vacuum. She still has toys out she doesn’t play with, but again baby steps. 

I love looking in her room and see that she is sitting on the floor playing. She wasn’t able to do that before. I just hope I can get her to a point of letting some things go. The toy box is literally full of toys she doesn’t play with. I think of how much better she would play if I could get rid of everything, except her favorites. I am happy about the progress we have made. 

Christmas is approaching and I almost dread adding more stuff to her room. All she has asked for is a music box from her Nana. She typically doesn’t ask for much. I may have other family members give her gift cards for outings. That will be super fun for her to use. 

I will update you if we make anymore progress in her room. I consider what she has done so far a huge victory.

Have a wonderful Day

2 thoughts on “Victory In Chloe’s Room !!”

  1. Wow, that is great! What a break through, way to go Chloe! Cleaning is a struggle for us, as well. It usually involves panic attacks. It’s easier for my daughter if I do it with her, but if she’s on her own everything melts down really quickly. It’s actually really encouraging to read this, even though it’s much more severe on your end, but just that I’m not alone in this struggle. All the things that have to be kept, that take up so much space, that will never be played with…that part is hard for me. Clutter makes me nervous.

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