Homeschool Week In Review

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

This week we followed a more Unschool format of learning. Chloe was eager to do lots of activites one day and not so much the next. I gave her more choices of things to do. All were learning activites, but she got to choose which ones to do. 

Math is actually one of her favorite things to work on. She worked on StarFall a few days and others we worked on worksheets from her Good Grades workbook. She loves to add and subtract. Sometimes when we are outside or sitting around I will ask her math facts. I do it in a fun way, like singing them or in funny voices. She loves it!

We started Stuart Little for our Read Aloud time and she let me know very quickly that she didn’t like it. So we read some Little House short stories I had. She really likes them, so I may dig out the Little House on the Prarie book and start that. Chloe reads a lot, like Ive said, so I never worry about Reading.

She wrote everyday in her Writing Notebook. She would say “I write 10 words”. She numbered her paper and wrote 10 words, only signaling me if she couldn’t spell one. We did do a few worksheets on short and long e sounds and worked on the “ch” blend. She struggles with blends in reading, so I want to learn a new one each week.

I always feel Science and Social Studies lessons are all around us. She has talked a lot about birds and all the sounds we are hearing outside lately. Social Studies this week was about Firefighters and what they do. 

Lastly we continued to work on Life Skills. She helped me empty the dishwasher, she put up her own laundry, picked out her clothes to wear every morning, helped brush her hair and teeth, she took out the trash and cleaned the glass sliding door. She loves the helping and really loves the praise I give her after she is done. 

That was our homeschool week this week. I hope your week is going well too.



5 thoughts on “Homeschool Week In Review”

  1. Starfall is a great program! It amazed me how she has such a love for reading. My son is 6 and the most I can read to him is one book a night. When he was younger I would try to ready to him and he would pull the book out of my hands and scream (he was nonverbal at the time). It broke my heart. But, we have come so far! So cool to hear about your unschooling. This is mostly what we do. I’m trying to implement new things to see what will work.

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