Good Morning and Happy Hump Day?

One topic I have wanted to share with you is about children with Autism and eating issues. When I started researching for this post I noticed way more articles about children “NOT EATING”. The issue I have with Chloe is that she wants to eat ALL DAY LONG!! Right now, while I am typing this, she is yelling “Supper”!! She just had a filling snack and we have 2 1/2 hours until supper. 

One thing you will read is to keep your family on an eating schedule. Oh we are. We have breakfast by 730-800 am, Lunch between 11-12. and Supper is at 5. Snacks are in the middle of those times and she gets a small snack before bed. So how is Chloe hungry all day? I started researching and this is what I found.

I first read that food is for comfort. Ok I understand that from my own food issues and I can see that if Chloe is having a tough day. Then I read it could be from sensory issues. That made sense because to have food in her mouth probably feels good. She is a food stuffer. That means she eats large bites of food and fills her mouth up when eating. I have worked on this for years.  Most of what I found was geared toward children who didnt eat. Oh boy the research continues….

I started looking up disorders that children had where they couldn’t stop eating. I found Prader-Willi Syndrome. A key feature of this disorder is a constant sense of hunger. Once we see a specialist I will see if this is a possibiblity. Here are a few things I am trying to do to help her feel full.

Not a lot of carby snacks. I don’t buy crackery snacks every week.

Offer more vegetables or sometimes fruit at meals.

Get her to drink more. Fill her up with water.

Keep her busy

I struggle with her on certain foods. She loves noodles and will eat them until she pops. I know they can be filling, but I don’t want her consuming so many carbs. She will eat chicken breast now and I give her extra at that meal. Food battles are so common with children with special needs. Somedays I just don’t know what to do. Just don’t give in, especially if they just ate and you know they are not hungry. Offer them a glass of water. Hopefully once she starts seeing her new therapists in October we will get some answers. If you have any advice please share.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Why is Chloe ALWAYS HUNGRY?”

  1. A simple solution would to be get her a good probiotic with an antifungal. It kills the candida and helps in many other ways. This will help with her appetite. My son takes it and has helped him tremendously in many areas. Candida feeds off of sugars/starches. If you have candida that’s out of control, your sugar/starch cravings will be.

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