My Interview With My Daughter Chloe

Good Morning and Happy Monday

I was working on our homeschool plan for this week and trying to have a back and forth conversation with Chloe. I decided to do a little interview with her. I do these every now and then to work on answering questions and to see what she is into. I thought I would share her answers with you. Following the question I will share word for word what she said.

1) What is your name?  Chloe Grace Miller….followed by giggling

2) How old are you now? 8 years old…No 9 years old I silly

3) What is your favorite color? Pink…suckers, pigs, more suckers

4) What is your favorite book?  7 books…1 2 3 4 5 6 7   I couldn’t get her to name just 1. LOL

5) What is your favorite food? HAPPY MEAL…Said very loudly!!!

6) What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries….I want strawberries please

7) What is your favorite animal? Go to the Zoo…PIGS!!

8) What is your favorite Bible story? Noah…Noah’s Ark

9) What is your favorite song? I like Christmas songs…On the first day of Christmas….ran off singing.

10) What is your favorite toy? Buddies!! These are her stuffed animals and characters.

11) Where is your favorite place to go? Nana Papaws, Mattie’s house, McDonalds, Park.  Looks like she likes to go lots of places.

12) What is your favorite movie? Inside Out!! This happened to be what she was watching earlier in the day.


So that was a little question and answer fun with Chloe. She loves to answer questions…sometimes. If she’s not in the mood she will tell me. Luckily that day she was in a good mood. I hope you enjoyed this post. Welcome to all of my new followers and thanks for joining my blog family.

Have a wonderful day.

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